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Developing MacRitchie is an ongoing project inspired by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority’s proposal to build a metro line – Cross Island Line – across MacRitchie Reservoir by 2030. The project was first conceived in a mixed media installation, consisting of three video monologues and three alternating signs in a man-made rainforest environment. MacRitchie Reservoir is a reservoir that lies in the heart of Singapore and is part of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve today. Developing MacRitchie investigates the notion of development in Singapore in the context of the Cross Island Line. On 4th December 2019, The Singapore government announced that the Cross Island Line will run directly under the Central Catchment Nature Reserve after six years of 'closed door' public engagement, including with nature groups. According to the Ministry of Transport, "various factors have been considered, including 'concerns expressed by all stakeholders' and the findings of an assessment on the environmental impact of construction activities."

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